Postdoctoral position in Solid-Earth Geophysics/Geodesy

We are looking for a Research Associate in Solid-Earth Geophysics or Geodesy to join the GlobalMass team.

We want someone with experience modelling or analysing the processes that affect vertical land movement (VLM) and/or the gravity field and, ideally, their application to the sea level equation. The successful candidate should have previously worked with data sets and/or models associated with VLM such as glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) forward models, GPS time-series, GRACE data or visco-elastic models of Earth deformation.

This position is part of a European Research Council grant including four other positions, which together tackle the challenge of assessing and predicting sea level rise, globally. A better understanding of sea level rise is crucial in the context of climate change, as millions of people live in parts of the world that are threatened by future coastal flooding.

The overall aim of the project is to determine the factors influencing sea level rise by combining a wide range of satellite and ground-based observations within a statistical framework that can accommodate heterogeneous sampling in space and time. The successful candidate will be responsible for incorporating information on VLM into the framework, encompassing GIA forward models, the global network of GPS observations, the global GRACE time series and other geodetic information such as geocentre motion and variations in Earth orbital parameters.

The post is open-ended with funding initially available until 31/07/2021, and with a salary of £33,199 – £37,345 per year depending on experience.

Please direct any enquiries about this post to Professor Jonathan Bamber (; +44 (0)117 331 4129).