4D Modeller is a follow-on project from the ERC-funded GlobalMass grant (www.globalmass.eu) that advanced the use of space-time statistical inference to separate global sea level rise into its different sources.

We are now working to generalise this approach into a dedicated software tool, 4D Modeller, capable of solving a wider range of large-scale, space-time (i.e. four-dimensional) problems. Such a tool has the potential to transform many disciplines, not just in Earth and environmental sciences, but also in areas such as public health and national security, and has the potential to attract huge commercial interest, for example in extreme weather risk assessment for insurance and reinsurance.

The 4D Modeller software and a range of tutorials will be available at https://4dmodeller.github.io/fdmr/

This work was supported by UKRI grant EP/X022641/1