This page lists datasets that we have produced and can make freely available as part as the GlobalMass project.

DatasetLocationDescriptionDate added or updated
Freshwater fluxes for land ice in the Arctic and N Atlantic, 1958-2016BODCThis dataset comprises modelled and observational solid and liquid coastal freshwater fluxes from land ice in Greenland, Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Svalbard and Iceland. Tundra runoff from all these land areas is also included. The fluxes have been routed to coastal grid cells around the margins of the land areas. The fluxes are provided in three fields: tundra, surface runoff over ice, solid ice discharge (icebergs, for Greenland only). The data are on a 5 km polar stereographic projection with a monthly time step and are in a netcdf format. This dataset contains monthly resolution runoff and annual resolution discharge (at monthly time steps) from 01/01/1958 to 31/12/2016. Detailed description of the derivation of the data can be found in an associated paper in Bamber et al (2018) Land ice freshwater budget of the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. Part I: Data, methods and results in JGR-Oceans. DOI: 10.5285/643aa9bc-bcd6-45ad-e053-6c86abc07da0February 2018