(1) Change in ice surface height between 2003 and 2012 due to ice dynamics (the flow of ice from the interior to the margins of the continent) and surface mass balance (SMB; the difference between snowfall and melt), based on the results of the RATES project.

Data: Martín-Español A, Zammit‐Mangion A, Clarke PJ, Flament T, Helm V, King MA, Luthcke SB, Petrie E, Rémy F, Schön N, Wouters B and Bamber JL (2016) Spatial and temporal Antarctic Ice Sheet mass trends, glacio-isostatic adjustment and surface processes from a joint inversion of satellite altimeter, gravity and GPS data. J Geophys Res Earth Surf., 120, 1–18, doi:10.1002/2015JF003550
Graphic: Chuter S

(2) Early test version of adaptive global mesh.

Graphic: Sha Z