The Project

GlobalMass is a 5-year ERC-funded project which aims to – for the first time at a global scale – rigorously combine satellite and in-situ data related to different aspects of the sea level budget, so that observed sea level rise can be attributed to its component parts.

The project takes a new and unique approach to understanding and quantifying the sea level budget. Its starting point is the acceptance that the most scientifically rigorous approach to dealing with shortcomings in previous sea level budget estimations is to treat the problem as a fully coupled solid-Earth/ocean/land system. Hence, GlobalMass will, for the first time and at a global scale, tackle all components; simultaneously estimating the “most likely” combination of ocean, land ice, hydrology and solid-earth components at any given point, together with a probability distribution and a standard error. This will lead to advances in our understanding of each of these components, the resulting sea level budget and how it responds to a changing climate.

We have produced a leaflet that gives an overview of the project

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