Sea level rise: Solving the puzzle of the 20th century record

Come and be part of the GlobalMass project! We are delighted to offer a PhD studentship on sea level rise, jointly-funded between NERC and ERC.

Project outline

Sea level rise (SLR) is a key indicator of climate change and represents one of its most serious consequences for society. Confidence in future projections of SLR depends on our understanding of the contemporary ‘sea level budget’, which relates the sum of individual contributions (namely ocean thermal expansion, ice mass loss and changes in land water storage) to the observed change in sea level. Prior to the satellite era, we are largely dependent on tide gauges to estimate global sea level rise, yet current methods for reconstructing the 20th century record from tide gauges provide conflicting and often puzzling results. GlobalMass ( is a 5-year ERC grant which aims to – for the first time at a global scale – rigorously combine satellite and in-situ data related to different aspects of the sea level budget using a novel statistical framework. By adopting the same approach for tide gauge records, this studentship will help provide new insights into one of the planet’s most fundamental climate variables.

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