Conference update

Over the past month, GlobalMass team members have presented project outputs at three very diverse conferences.

First, Jonathan Bamber gave two oral presentations at POLAR 2018 in Davos, Switzerland. There, he presented our new estimate of the land ice contribution to sea level rise (Land ice contribution to SLR from 1992-present) and the new global GPS dataset we have developed for investigating GIA uplift rates (A novel global GPS data set for GIA modelling and validation).

Next, Zhe Sha attended the 2018 International Society for Bayesian Analysis (IBSA) World Meeting held in Edinburgh. She presented a poster on our recent work using a Bayesian framework to update a forward model of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA): “Bayesian model-data synthesis with an application to global Glacio-isostatic adjustment”.

Finally, Sam Royston and Jonathan Bamber were at the Sea Level Futures conference in Liverpool. Sam presented some early results from our use of a Bayesian Hierarchical Model (BHM) framework to ‘predict’ steric sea level trends (Steric sea-level trends in the Argo epoch: First results from an integrated, spatial sea-level budget assessment) while Jonathan again presented our new estimate of the land ice contribution to sea level rise (The land ice contribution to sea level during the satellite era).

 Zhe’s poster on display at the IBSA 2018 World Meeting

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