GlobalMass at EGU 2019

The GlobalMass project was well represented at the European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019 earlier this month. Four of the current project team attended the conference, and results from our project were presented in three talks and two posters. In chronological order:

(1) How Informative is the Basin-Scale Sea-Level Budget? – Talk by Sam Royston

(2) A global inverse solution for GIA – Invited talk by former GlobalMass team member Maike Schumacher

(3) A first observation driven estimate of Ocean Bottom Deformation: updating the Sea Level Budget – Talk by Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma

(4) Greenland Monthly Mass Trends Determined Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling Approach – Poster by Stephen Chuter

(5) Mapping global water stress from GRACE satellite data – Poster by Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma

The EGU General Assembly is the largest geosciences meeting in Europe, this year bringing together 16,273 scientists from 113 countries.

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