GlobalMass paper named in the 2019 Altmetric Top 100

One of our papers, “Ice sheet contributions to future sea-level rise from structured expert judgment”, has been named in this year’s Altmetric Top 100 list.

The paper, led by GlobalMass PI Jonathan Bamber and published in PNAS in May, explored potential ice sheet contribution to future sea level rise under different temperature scenarios using a technique called ‘Structured Expert Judgement’ which combines individual expert’s estimates. It has come in at number 70 in the Altmetric Top 100, putting in the top 0.007% of the ~1.3 million research works published in the same time frame that received attention online.

The Altmetric Top 100 is a list that highlights research from the past year that has been the most discussed and shared online. It is based on the ‘Altmetric Attention Score’ – the number seen inside the Altmetric “donut” alongside online papers – which is a weighted count of all of the mentions Altmetric has tracked for an individual research output, and is designed as an indicator of the amount and reach of the attention an item has received.

We have already produced a plain language summary of the paper.

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