GlobalMass paper highlighted in ERC Annual Report 2019

One of our papers has been highlighted as an “outstanding publication” in the ERC’s 2019 Annual Report. The report says:

A geosciences publication from Advanced grantee Jonathan Louis Bamber, University of Bristol (project: GlobalMass)… provides an alarming estimation of the rising sea levels due to climate change. According to pooled expert judgements, increased temperatures will melt Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, which in turn will lead to a rise in sea levels of at least two meters by 2100. These consequences of climate change could result in massive land loss and displacement of millions of people in the future.

The paper, led by GlobalMass PI Jonathan Bamber and published in the journal PNAS in May 2018, explored potential ice sheet contribution to future sea-level rise under different temperature scenarios using a technique called ‘Structured Expert Judgement’. We have produced a plain language summary of the research.

Excerpt from Annual Report on the ERC activities and achievements in 2019

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