New paper published – The land ice contribution to sea level during the satellite era

The GlobalMass team has had a new open-access review paper accepted for publication in Environmental Research Letters.

The review provides a new estimate of land ice mass trends during the satellite era (1992 to 2016), focusing on its contribution to sea level rise during this period. The new estimate shows a marked increase in the land ice contribution from 0.31±0.35 mm/yr of sea level equivalent for 1992-1996 to 1.85±0.13 mm/yr for 2012-2016.

Lead author Professor Jonathan Bamber said of the work: “Our analysis draws on many earlier studies along with new, previously unpublished data and shows that in just over two decades land ice has gone from making a modest contribution to being by far the dominant source of sea level rise”.

A plain language summary is available here.


Bamber, J.L., Westaway, R.M., Marzeion, B. and Wouters, B. (2018) The land ice contribution to sea level during the satellite era. Environmental Research Letters (DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aac2f0 Image result for open access icon)

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