GlobalMass at EGU 2018

GlobalMass was well represented at the EGU General Assembly 2018, held last week in Vienna, Austria. Jonathan Bamber, Stephen Chuter and Stefan Hofer all attended in person, and results from the project were presented in one talk and two posters.

First, Stephen Chuter talked about the application of a Bayesian Framework to Greenland and showed some preliminary results (Annual Greenland mass trends from 2003-2015 from a Bayesian hierarchical modelling (BHM) approach). Subsequently, we presented posters that gave (i) an overview of the project as a whole (First results from an integrated approach for estimating GIA, land ice, hydrology and ocean mass trends within a complete coupled Earth system framework) and (ii) described the new global GPS dataset we have developed for investigating GIA uplift rates (A new global GPS dataset for testing and improving modelled GIA uplift rates).

The EGU General Assembly is the largest geosciences meeting in Europe and brings together geoscientists from all over the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. This year, over 15,000 scientists attended from 106 countries.

Members of the GlobalMass project team also contributed to a variety of other research outputs that were presented at EGU 2018, including:

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