GlobalMass mid-term workshop July 2019

Earlier this month we organised a full-day workshop in Bristol to mark the fact the the GlobalMass project has recently passed its halfway mark.

We were indebted to six external researchers, with expertise spanning the diverse disciplines covered by GlobalMass, who gave up their time to travel from across Europe to participate and share their knowledge. The external ‘panel’ was asked to provide scrutiny and recommendations on progress and priorities for the project.

The morning session provided an opportunity to present and discuss progress so far for each of the five work packages. The afternoon session involved smaller breakout groups focusing on each work package in more detail, with discussions about the current ‘state of the art’, key challenges and possible short-term goals. Recommendations from the workshop will help guide the future evolution of the project.

Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma presenting progress on the Solid-Earth work package during the morning session.

With thanks to the external panel:

• Anny Cazenave – Director Earth Science International Space Science Institute (ISSI) and Senior Scientist Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales (LEGOS)
• Sönke Dangendorf – Team Leader Coast / Sea Levels, Research Institute for Water and Environment, University of Siegen
• Martin Horwath – Chair of Geodetic Earth System Research), TU Dresden
• Finn Lindgren – Chair of Statistics, University of Edinburgh
• Roelof Rietbroek – Research Fellow, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn
• Pippa Whitehouse – Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

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